Chance B

Chance B was founded in 1986 as a “self-help association” by parents with children and young people with disabilities as well as by teachers of the Gleisdorf special school for children with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The aim of this association is “to assist and support old, ill and disabled people so that they can live life to the full” in their villages. For this purpose Chance B has worked out and set up service offers for people of any age to compensate for possible disadvantages due to disabilities in their efforts to pursue an independent way of life. Among these services are different, social and medical care and support offers as well as trainings and job finding support services. Every year more than 2.200 people use these services which are offered by about 300 employees. Training programmes oriented to different specific vocations (e.g. gardening, bakery, farming, gastronomy) are offered for people with learning difficulties and other disabilities from the age of 16 and for long-term unemployed.

Chance B also coordinated the Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation Project “NQF Inclusive” which is the transfer base of “EQF meets ECVET”. Both projects will hopefully participate to more inclusive national VET systems and thus contribute to the implementation of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Art. 24.


Contacts: Marion Bock
Address: Franz-Josef-Strasse 3, Gleisdorf 8200, Austria
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