Modularisation and Recognition of basic VET via ECVET and EQF

For many people with intellectual and learning difficulties, with migration background, for drop-outs and people from sectors of society with low educational achievement it is impossible to finish, even to enter formal VET programmes. But without recognised certificate access to the labour market is seriously compromised.
To ease these target groups’ access to VET and also to lifelong learning training, programmes must be tailored to these learners’ needs. One form of tailored VET was developed in the project “NQF Inclusive”: basic VET programmes were defined at NQF levels 1 and 2.

Another way to ease access and re-entering to (basic) VET is to modularise VET programmes and recognise these units via NQF. Hence in the new project “EQF meets ECVET” basic VET programmes will be modularised into units of learning outcomes by applying the ECVET system. Additionally a model for assignment and recognition of VET units will be drafted and – together with national boards dealing with the NQF – tested and evaluated.

This new model allows step by step learning, shows the learning outcomes (LEOs) of the validated units, values them and offers a more individual learning path which might also lead to a whole VET programme’s certificate.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture.
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